Boiling Water in an instant

take a moment to think how often you need hot water

  • Making tea and coffee
  • Making instant noodles
  • Sterilising baby bottles
  • Blanching vegetables and meat

GROHE Red allows you to draw up to 3 to 6 litres of water at 100°C instantly from the tap, saving you time and hassle from boiling water the conventional way.

Soft solution for Hard Water
Water boilers normally produce limescale deposits which impair the flow of heat into water, causing the boiler to overheat.

GROHE Red comes with a system with a four-stage water filter to remove minerals which cause the build-up of limescale, allowing the taste and appearance of your beverage to shine through.

Stage 1: Non-woven Pre-filter
Removes large particles.
Stage 2: Ion Exchanger
Reduces lime content and filters out heavy metals from the water.

Stage 3: Activated Carbon Filter
Removes substances which impair the smell and taste, such as chlorine and organic compounds.
Stage 4: Fine Particle Filter
Captures all particles above a size of 10µm.

GROHE Red also comes with CoolTouch® technology and ChildLock Function.

The CoolTouch® Technology insulates the fitting so well that you can touch it without any risk of scalding on hot chrome surfaces, thanks to the ‘cooling channel’ which creates a barrier between the hot water and the outer surface. This is especially important for little fingers which touch things they shouldn’t.

The ChildLock function does not rule out the possibility of scalding but it makes it practically impossible. For boiling water to flow, you need to first pull and turn the left handle. The child-friendliness of the fitting has been tested and certified by Institut VerpackungsMarktforschung GmbH, an institute in Germany that specialises in child-resistant packaging.