Nature has an effective system for perfecting water through layers of soil and rock that filter it, giving water its unique taste. Similarly, the GROHE Blue® filter system purifies water in 4 stages, giving you fresh-tasting water from the tap.

Stage 1 : Non-woven Pre-filter
Removes large particles.
Stage 2 : Ion Excharger
Reduces lime content, filters out heavy metals from the water and reduces hardness.
Stage 3 : Activated Carbon Filter
Removes substances which impair the smell and taste, such as chlorine and organic compounds.
Stage 4 : Fine Particle Filter
Captures all particles above a size of 10µm.

To ensure that GROHE Blue® does not come in contact with unfiltered water or with metal parts after filtering, the high-quality fitting features two separate tubes – one for tap water and another from purified water.

Saving Money has never taste so good
Fresh tasting, filtered water from GROHE Blue® costs only approximately a fifth of premium water. Each GROHE Blue® filter cartridge also purifies up to 600 litres of water, translating to the average annual requirement for a family of four!

GROHE Blue is Green
Using the GROHE Blue® filter also means taking responsibility for the environment. It takes an astonishing 7 litres of water to produce a litre’s worth of mineral water! According to estimates by World Wildlife Fund for Nature, the water industry needs some 1.5 million tons of plastics each year, a large part of which remains unrecycled and ends up as a landfill.

GROHE WaterCare
With our customers, GROHE promises to conserve precious natural resources like water. This is the driving force behind the development of products as GROHE Blue®, which helps people manage water and energy consumption with every convenience.

Design Awards
Good Design, Interior Innovation Award, IF (Water Taste Test 2009 — Winner GROHE Blue)