F – Digital

Flexibility for your GROHE SPA®



Once a room for cleansing and grooming, the bathroom is now a place to retreat to – your sanctuary from the outside world; a place to spend quality time indulging yourself. The amount of space dedicated to the bathroom has increased and defining different zones is fast becoming the norm.

A new bathroom is now an investment in your health and wellbeing; let GROHE F-digital transform your daily rituals into sensational experiences.

Flexibility for your GROHE SPA®

Luxurious personalised experiences, thermostatic showers and intuitive digital controls, which can be mounted wherever you please; GROHE F-digital unites simple operation with a world of planning opportunities.

Personalise the Experience
Precise control, the perfect temperature and the luxury of saving your preferred settings with a single touch; GROHE F-digital will change your perception of faucets and showers.

Design and Planning Freedom
GROHE F-digital offers maximum design and planning freedom; with wireless technology and a full range of coordinating products for the shower, bathtub, basin and bidet, you can plan your bathroom exactly as you wish.


Experience GROHE F-Digital

Uniting simple operation with the latest wireless technology, both the Digital Controller and Digital Diverter can be fix in any position that in most convenient for you : On the wall, on the edge of the bathub or basin, even on a glass shower screen.


Digital Controller – it’s as easy as one, two three

  1. Press the on/off button to turn on the shower or faucet.
  2. User the plus (+) or minus (-) buttons to increase or decrease the temperature. A ring of coloured light on the controller gives you visual feedback as you change the water temperature.
  3. Turn the ring which surrounds the controller to adjust the water flow.



Digital Diverter – Enhance your Shower Experience

Alternating between hand shower, head shower and side showers (bath tub) has never been easier. Just press the corresponding button on the diverter to start or stop the water flow.




Private Spa

Produk terbaru F-Digital Deluxe mengubah kamar mandi anda menjadi spa rumah pribadi yang ekslusif – pengalaman yang menyentuh semua indra hingga tak ada lagi keinginan yang lainnya, yang menggoda dan menyentuh emosi, mempeson dan menginspirasi anda. Klik disini untuk melihat detail Private Spa.

Your Digital Kitchen

GROHE K-7 F-Digital introduce a new level of comfort and convenience to the kitchen sink. Intuitive to operate, a single touch is all it takes to start and stop the water flow from your kitchen faucet. And thanks to wireless digital technology, the digital controller can be fixed in a convenient and ergonomic location. In front or to the side of the sink bowl, on the splashback, or next to the base on the spout – we let you decide.







GROHE StarLight®

GROHE TurboStat®

GROHE Digital®

Hemat sumber daya yang berharga dan nikmati kenyamanan air 100%.

Permukaan yang kuat dan tahan lama, mulai dari permukaan gelap yang megah hingga permukaan berkilauan bagaikan berlian.

Selalu pada suhu yang tepat, supaya sepenuhnya nyaman dan aman.

Teknologi digital intuitif di ujung jari Anda.