About Us

Hydrospa was conceived out of two basic fact – Water is the most essential element to life on earth and in today’s busy world, life is becoming increasingly full of stress. The best stress buster available to human kind is water, the fuel for life.

Relentless research and development by by GROHE AG allows us to provide our customers with the best forms of enjoying water. Hydrospa proudly presents the world’s best bathroom fittings from Grohe, renowned for their stringent quality, cutting edge technology and highly awarded design.

140 years of Master Technology, Over a hundred years before creative gusto and visions of technical advances inspired the likes of Steve Jobs and Bill Gates to establish start-ups in their parents’ garages, the German innovator Carl Nestler had already taken a similar path. A true pioneer, Nestler obtained a lathe – no easy feat in 1873 when an entrepreneurial boom had created a shortage of the machines. He set up a small foundry with a kiln and smelting furnace in the cellar of his parent’s home in Lahr and started producing faucets and fittings.

He soon earned a reputation in the region as faucet-maker Nestler. Over the years, the Carl Nestler company became one of the industry’s most active powerhouses. It was above all instrumental in developing advances in thermostat technology – which was still in its infancy. The production of the Lahr ½-inch “people’s thermostat” was just one such milestone.

We have articulated Grohe Spa product in live setting in order to enable the customer visualize their dream home. We set our standart extremely high to ensure timely and efficient service for you.

We will soon expand to other cities and expand our portfolio to other unique and niche luxury product. Be our guest and watch for more excitement!